Why is Photoshop So Hard?

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Many people might be wondering why learning Photoshop is so hard. They install their copy with high expectations and aspirations for making amazing pieces of art. They might want to make a stunning space scene, they may want to retouch their personal photos, or they may want to create a logo or website. Whatever it is, the majority of people often find themselves in trouble. Where do I start?

What makes Photoshop so ‘hard’ is the fact that people are expecting it to be a walk in the park: one click will give me magical results and give me my desired effect. Unfortunately, nothing in life is so easy, and Photoshop is no exception. However, once we root ourselves out of this mindset, we can start taking things seriously and truly begin to make some real stuff on Photoshop.

So where DO we start? Theres so many buttons, its so overwhelming, and I have no idea what ANYTHING does! What many people try to do is look up random tutorials on the internet. “How to swap faces” or “How to make a logo”.

The problem with this approach is that the user has no idea what they are doing, but they still somehow get the desired outcome because they mindlessly followed the steps. Sure, you may think your ‘learning’ photoshop like this, but the only thing you are truly learning is how to COPY. And I’m sure by buying Photoshop, you did not want to learn how to mimic others, you wanted artistic FREEDOM to do anything you want in photoshop.

So how do we gain this artistic freedom? We learn the ESSENTIALS, the BASICS. These fundamentals are the basis for everything you do in photoshop, and with a clear understanding of how they work and what they do, you can truly do anything in photoshop. Are you tired of being frustrated because you’ve been copying what others have been doing for so long?

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