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Can an online guitar course really teach you how to play a guitar properly? The answer is yes, if you find the right one.

Have you seen those sales pitch letters for an online guitar course that claims it can teach you to play in ten days? Those are nonsense. It took Jimmy Page and B.B. King years to develop their skills, so how can any method of instruction possibly work like that? When evaluating an online guitar course, especially if you are going to be making a financial investment in it, look at the features on offer, not the hype.

Many of the online guitar courses available on the market do offer potential students the chance to try a couple of free lessons, usually very basic stuff, but that is actually what playing the guitar well is all about, successfully mastering the basic chords, finger placements and progressions that form the backbone of every guitar melody and riff ever written. Working your way through a few of these free online guitar course offerings can be a great way to see if this method of instruction is really going to work for you successfully. There are those people who just never pick up the basics of the guitar unless they have a real person standing over them every step of the way, that’s just the way they respond. But for the majority of people, an online guitar course can be all they need to get their playing skills up to scratch.

There are even online guitar courses available that can benefit the more advanced guitar player. Many guitarists find that after years of playing a certain style of music they would like to learn the basics of another genre. There is an online guitar course available for every genre, from country and bluegrass to death metal and flamenco.

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Any Udemy course for $10 Redeem Offer