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how to learn programming online

Personal Development


Take your Learning to next level, Learn and grow .. Connect with the people , persons of your interest

    1. Code theory: W3schools

    2. Tutorials and interactive challenges: Freecodecamp

    3. Online free (limited time) interactive courses: Bitdegree

    4. Beginner video courses: Teamtreehouse

    5. Learning basics: Codeacademy

    6. elearning Courses Hub :  Udemy

      If you’re interested in practice coding and challenges I would recommend the following sites:

      tensorflow udemy courses  Python A-Z™R Programming A-Z



  • 1. Learn by doing. Always play with the code while learning
  • 2. Grasp the fundamentals for long-term benefits
  • 3. Code by hand. It sharpens proficiency and you’ll need it to get a job
  • 4. Ask for help. You’ll need it
  • 5. Seek out more online resources. There’s a wealth of content
  • 6. Don’t just read the sample code. Tinker with it!


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