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Among the very basic needs of man, one of the very prominent ones is of course, clothing. Previously, clothes used to be made out of primitive techniques, such as by hand or manual cloth weaving techniques. However, the modern times has seen the advent of sewing machines and other automatic technologies that have eased the burden of sewing to a great extent. Hand sewing in itself is an art! That requires patience as well as experience and expertise. For beginners, learning how to sew can be tough at first though fun later. The first step towards hand sewing is to put the thread into the eye of the needle either manually or through a simple device meant specifically for the purpose. The second step is to learn the different patterns of sewing either from a sewing manual or from a person who has some experience in the field. It should always be remembered that hand sewing can be more convenient and accurate than using a sewing machine once the basics of hand sewing has been learned well. Besides, it also fills the person's mind with a sense of pride, having been able to accomplish something creative and worth admiration!

The very basic sewing technique that can be found everywhere is sewing seams. Learning about this technique can be instrumental towards proper learning. Another important aspect is choosing the lengthwise grain, crosswise grain and bias grain of the fabric on which the design or embroidery has to be made. The main thing that is needed for accomplishing good work in sewing is of course, confidence within the person. The other thing that should be kept in mind is that the fabric should have a straight grain line for yielding best results. Learning techniques of straightening the grain line is of utmost importance. The various stitches that are generally used in day-to-day stitching purposes are mainly-chain stitch, sewing darts, buttonhole stitch or blanket stitch, hemming stitch, cross stitch etc. Vivid information about all these stitches is essential for learning good sewing practice.

In case of sewing machines such vital information is not needed, as a definite number of embroidery patterns are already programmed into it from the very beginning itself. Thus, the user only has to choose the required pattern and the rest of the job is done by the machine itself. The machine provides the user with the opportunity to pin the seam that in turn helps him to concentrate on the sewing machine only. A good seam finish is also important, as it not only saves waste of the thread but also gives the seam proper strength.

Apart from these, safety is another part of the story that should be given proper attention to! It is best to maintain a separate room or space for sewing purposes as the sharp instruments that are used can cause serious injuries. They should thus be kept out of the reach of children. Following by following proper procedures and safety precautions, sewing can turn out to be a very fruitful hobby, as it can not only provide one with self-contention but also can save a lot of money otherwise spent on tailoring.

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