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We always talk about "investment" as something with a monetary value attached. For most cases, investments make people who invest – the investors – earn a sum of cash, and over time. The intrinsic qualities of any investment is that something has to be given money which in return will give back money as well.

This is the case with education with a purpose. For instance, learning and improving your English skills online is a very good investment.

English is the most spoken language in the world. More than a billion native and non-native speakers use it. Moreover, English has become the universal language of the Internet as international companies prefer this language when dealing with clients all over the globe. In fact, learning English has become so important that even governments of non-native English speaking countries prioritize this in their educational curriculum! Whether you are a student or already a professional, improving your English skills through online English courses is a worthwhile investment.

Here are some advantages of learning and improving your English speaking and writing skills:

  • You will be able to send your message clearly and effectively. Because communicating effectively is intrinsic in a good office and company-client relationship, taking up English lessons online will help avoid misunderstandings and mix-ups with your office-mates and clients.
  • You will be able to save time. Like any skill that you improve at, you become more efficient and faster at your work.
  • You have the intellectual edge. Because English is the most widely used language even on the Internet, you can understand and make use of the information you can find there. You are kept up-to-date with global news and you can also reach the millions of English-speakers online.
  • You have the edge in work and getting employed. With good English skills, employers will be more inclined to hire you over those who are not knowledgeable of this language. Moreover, you can have a higher premium depending on your level of skill. You will also be open to more job opportunities which require this skill.

The internet has now become not only a place for communication and social networking, but also a main hub for advertising, employment, and earning money. With English being the Internet's primary language, taking English lessons will give you an edge both in the personal and professional aspects of your life. Sense, learning English online is the best investment you can make !

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