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Basically, there are three categories of knitting machines; the card punch machine, the manual and the computerized knitting machine. These machines come in different gauges as well. Gauge is the term used for describing the distance between the knitting needles of the machine.

In this way you could choose the bulky gauge, which is about 9 mm for knitting heavy garments; you may prefer the mid-gauge, which is about 6.5 mm for DK type yarns; you could use the standard gauge which comes at 4.5 mm and with which you could normally knit anything you want; of you could use the thin gauge, which comes at about 3.6 mm and is best for light fabrics.

The manual machines for knitting are the most common and easiest to use for anyone who is new to this endeavor or occupation. This machine, since it is manual, would require you to manipulate it by hand in order to create the required knitting pattern.

Although it sounds a little cumbersome, it is easy to set up and use; therefore, preferred by beginners. The card punch machine uses pre-punched cards to understand what type of pattern is required.

This is also very easy to use once you understand how to use and create the cards. Lastly, you have the electronic machine, which is comparable to a computer. This knitting machine uses files just like a computer, in order to produce the pattern you want done.

Now that you have an idea of ​​what type of knitting machines there are, you could move on to brands and models that are available in the market. When you are out shopping for a suitable knitting machine, you will need to choose between the expensive and heavy-duty metal body models and the cheaper, yet versatile plastic body machines. Unless you are buying the machine for a busy business, the plastic body should be just fine. These machines can always be upgraded with the help of adequate accessories.

Once you have some knowledge about knitting machines, it should be easy for you to decide which one will be the best for you. When making a decision, you should consider the style of your work, the budget you have, the type of knitting yarn you will be using, and lastly, the number of garments you would like to be able to produce.

You should find it easy to identify which type of machine will suit your purpose best. Your choice will likely be dependent upon whenever you want the machine as an outlet for a hobby, or as means to set up a small home based venture.

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