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Online training (eLearning) is gaining prominence in all industries in China. While eLearning deployments companies tend to focus on traditional training areas such as management, communication, leadership and finance, safety training is moving online too.

What's driving this? Companies are realizing the economic and business advantages to online training and want to use the best types of training available for their workforce. When you are talking about preventing injury and safety lives, it's important to have the best tools available.

Many companies in China have not traditionally invested in safety training for their employees, and this is now changing too. Here's a list of the top 10 most popular online safety training modules in China today:

1. Fire Safety. Especially after the CCTV fire, companies want to make sure that their employees know how to prevent and respond to fires.

2. Emergency Preparedness. China organizes a lot of big events and has a lot of big buildings. These require meticulous planning to make sure people are prepared if something goes wrong.

3. Food safety. There have been multiple food safety scares in China in the past couple of years, and now food producers and distributors are making sure the public knows they are safe.

4. Personal Protective Equipment. Chinese industrial environments have no shortage of loud noises, falling objects, flying sparks, toxic chemicals, whirling blades and belts, etc, so it's no surprise there's a lot of interest in this set of courses.

5. Construction Safety. The crane may not be China's national bird, but you would be forgiven for thinking so if you saw the skyline in Beijing, Shanghai, or any other large Chinese city. Developers and construction bosses know they have to keep their people safe.

6. First Aid. This is one of the most simple and effective way to save lives, and these skills can easily be reviewed online.

7. Industrial Ergonomics. This course is about preventing and musculoskeletal problems that arise from long-term jobs in tough environments. Used in construction, transportation, mining and similar industries.

8. Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls. Fairly inexpensive and easy, but often ignored in the daily routine of trying to get work done quickly and efficiently.

9. Office Ergonomics. The goal of this learning module is to assist employees in evaluating and modifying their own office work environment to reduce ergonomic risk.

10. Pandemic Influenza. SARS is still fresh in the collective Chinese memory, so employers today are making sure everyone knows how to react to H1N1 or similar threats.

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