Ecourse Training – What's the Best Method For Delivering Your Ecourse?

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After your Ecourse is created, you need to present it to the world. (for purposes of this writing, we're talking about text ecourses). There are two theories associated with this:

Theory 1 = Send each Module of your ecourse with all the text included within each email / module.

Theory 2 = Send each Module of your ecourse with a link in the email / module sending the reader to another page to get the info.

Just so there is no confusion, either one of these ways of delivering your ecourse is fine.

Theory 1 makes it easier for the reader as the course is right there, no extra clicks to get to another page. Some people get a bit "snippy" if they have to do an extra click to get the information. One drawback of doing it this way is that nowdays, spam filters are getting more and more strict and therefore, maybe not all emails get through. If you have some sort of spam filter test with your autoresponder, I would encourage you to use it.

Now with Theory 2, since there is only a link in the email for the reader to click, the chances of their email program rejecting the Module is greatly reduced (if not eliminated entirely), which is a great thing! The issue then comes up that if the reader is behind some sort of firewall or something, they may not be able to open the link. That's way I encourage you to include a quick note to your readers that if they can not open the link, to send you an email right away and you'll get the info to them another way.

As I mentioned, either way to send your ecourse if fine, the thing to remember is to do one of them! Heck, maybe even experiment with them. For one month, have it set up to put the text in the email. The next month, include a link. Check your results and decide which one you like better!

Doing this ecourse thing is pretty simple once you get the basics down.


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