Criminal Justice Degrees Online – More Options and More Earning Power

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Acquiring a criminal justice degree online can provide many benefits. For instance, you will have the flexibility of an online degree, you will have access to different degree programs, from associate to to doctor degrees, and finally, depending on which degree option you choose, you will be able to better determine your learning power.

Obtaining a criminal justice degree online is flexible for many reasons. First off, online schooling is ideal for people who are working and studying at the same time. You will be given the luxury to arrange your classes around your work schedule. Flexibility is especially convenient for working parents who need to rearrange their schedules around their children. With lowered costs than traditional universities, attaining an online criminal justice degree is extremely resourceful.

There are many different degree programs offered for criminal justice and criminology. For example, if you decide to pursue a two year associate degree, you can focus your studies on practitioners such as: corrections, law enforcement, paralegal, private security and court reporting. If you opt to pursue a four year degree, you can obtain a bachelor degree for the following careers: a probation officer, a correctional treatment specialist and a social worker.

Depending on which degree program you choose, your learning power can vary. The four types of degrees students can pursue are: associate's degree, bachelor's degree, master's degree and doctorate. Many studies reveal that achieving the next level of a degree results in a higher income. For example, those who earn a PhD in criminal justice will earn $ 2.2M more than high school graduates in a lifetime and $ 900,000 more than holders of master's degrees. To start, an individual who has attained a bachelor's degree in criminal justice can receive around $ 900 per week, whereas an employee with only a high school diploma receives $ 554 per week.

Once you've received your degree, you'll have the ability to enter into a variety of careers ranging from police officers to paralegals. Individuals have the opportunity to pursue many criminal justice practitioners on a local, state or federal level, varying from a local social worker to a member of the FBI.

Attaining an online criminology degree is not only beneficial because of its flexibility and reduced costs, but because of its expanding options. With over 100 careers to choose from and several types of certificates and degrees, you will be given the opportunity to expand your career path as well as your salary.


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