How To Setup Your First Private Blog Network


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How To Setup Your First Private Blog Network
How to build PBNs faster, cheaper, quicker and get better results!

In this course, we look at building a private blog network and debunking some myths. I am a believer of going against the grain, and I’ll say some stuff you probably won’t believe. However, with my 7 years of SEO knowledge I can assure you that my data is backed up by real case studies. This course takes you from just knowing enough about how to setup a WordPress site to scaling out your network into dozens or even hundreds of domain names to push you forward in your SERPs. I want you to succeed and I am readily available to answer any questions you have about PBNs.
Who is the target audience?
people who are getting into private blog networks
people who have experience with WordPress and cPanel
people who are looking for that extra push to takeover Google



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  • John Fundicky November 26, 20179:36 pm

    PBN’s are great for SEO ranking and outranking purposes. Most people nowadays try to scare people off to not use PBN’s because google can punish your website for using PBN’s but that not the case if your using quality PBN’s like so


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