How to Create a Complete Marketing Campaign in Under 1 Hour

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Want to grow their business online
In under an hour, you’ll learn how to create an entire marketing campaign from scratch. Never made an online marketing campaign before? No problem.

This course shows you exactly how a business like yours could create an online marketing campaign (and determine it’s profitability) in under an hour. We create everything right in front of you, so there’s nothing left out.

This course covers:

Online marketing campaign ideas
How to create your campaign page
How to create an auto-responder email
How to drive traffic with Facebook Ads
How to track your campaign’s return on investment (profitability) to make sure you’re not wasting money.
Featuring examples from a hypothetical business like yours, this course doesn’t deal with “best practices” or “your business should” but rather real strategies utilized in front of your eyes by an experienced digital marketer doing it all.

Whether you’re new to marketing or just new to using the web to drive business success, this course will give you actionable steps to build your first (or first successful) marketing campaign in under an hour.

Who is the target audience?
Early-stage marketers or business owners looking to grow their online presence.
Early-stage marketers or business owners looking to drive sales with online promotions



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Any Udemy course for $10 Redeem Offer