First Aid: Learn How to Save a Life


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Covers all first aid skills you need to know to save your loved ones and others in emergencies. Perfect for beginners.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 2 hours on-demand video
  • 20 Supplemental Resources
  • Full lifetime access
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  • Certificate of Completion
  • What Will I Learn?
    • The basics of first aid: doing CPR and the Heimlich maneuver on adults, children and babies.
    • Proper usage of different bandages, dressings and tourniquets.

    • The different first aid stages to preform on an injured person, and exactly what to do in each stage.

    • Dealing with climate injuries (dehydration, hyperthermia, frostbite and hypothermia).
    • How to help people with head injuries, burns, fractures, sprains, electricity shock and more.
    • How to make your own first aid kit.
    • Students don’t need any previous experience in first aid. This course will cover everything you need to get started – from CPR and heimlich maneuver, to treating all kinds of injuries.

    What would you do if someone around you choke from their food? how would you treat a burn? how would you act if your loved ones are having a cardiac arrest? or you see someone is bleeding?

    Have you ever thought about one of those questions?

    In my course you will learn all the basic first aid skills you have to know to have your peace of mind and be able to deal with all of those things in real life. Knowing first aid can save the lives of people around you and the lives of the people you care about.


    • Perform CPR.
    • Save people from choking.
    • Use of AED- Automated External Defibrillator (found in public places).
    • How and when to apply diffrent bandages tourniquets and dressings.
    • Treat bleeding and trauma injuries.
    • Avoid and treat climate injuries (dehydration, hyperthermia and hypothermia).
    • You”ll learn how to act about different injuries like: head injuries, burns, fractures, sprains, electricity shock and more.
    • How to treat adults, children and babies.
    • How to make your own first aid kit.

    All of this in an interesting and easy to understand videos. Included in this course are practice exercises so you could test what you have learned. I am also going to be active and answer any question you have so you will have more confidence in dealing with any unfortunate situations.

    This is a Must have information for everyone, and it is 30 days money back graunteed if you’re not satisfied.

    so what are you waiting for?

    See you inside!


    Who is the target audience?
    • YOU – if you want to be able to save a life.
    • People who want to know what to do when they”ll be at an unfortunate situation, and help people in need for first aid.
    • Anyone who is motivated to help others.



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