Angular and ASP.Net Core Integration


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Tips and Tricks to Integrate Angular and ASP.Net Core

What Will I Learn?
How to access the Node Modules which are not in the wwwroot folder
How to integrate Angular with ASP. Net Core
The benefits of abstracting the Debug mode from the Release mode
How to automatically restart your application when files have changed
How to Bind to build events, or Git Hooks
Better bundling techniques that favors the returning user
New squashing techniques to compress your components’ HTML and CSS
Productivity gains by publishing and reusing your own Angular modules
More productivity by publishing and reusing your own Gulp files
How to automate versioning of your application
How to automate the creation of the application manifest
Better server-side exception handling and client-side logging
How to pass application settings to C#
How that software switches can automate the development workflow
Benefits to using client-side OO techniques
How to use performance markers for gathering timing metrics
A better way to organize your Gulp files
And, how to debug Gulp files

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Angular Courses


1.5 hours on-demand video
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Certificate of Completion

Knowledge of Visual Studio
Experience with C#
Understanding of JavaScript
Exposure to Angular 2/4

There is a lot of confusion about how to integrate Angular and ASP.Net Core. A big part of the problem is a lack of resources and limited understanding of how to integrate these 2 awesome technologies, Angular on the front-end and ASP.Net Core on the back-end.

The big problem, is that the industry has always tried to simplify the solution by compartmentalizing the technologies. But knowing how to integrate technologies is the key to performance, and making an application easy to maintain. This mean you must have a good understanding of the backend technologies, the development environment, as well as the frontend technologies.

Why do you think Microsoft seems behind in the integration of Angular on the front-end? Hmm… Could it be that the newer technologies have us dropping down to the command line? Why do we need to drop down to the command line anyway? Could it be the only way to be compatible across multiple platforms? Are there Microsoft developers that like to drop down to the command line? Can I do my complete development, without dropping down to the command line? Watch this course, and I will show you how!

Who is the target audience?
ASP. Net Developer that would like to use Angular



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