What Jobs Are Safe From Automation?

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The road to automation requires robots to collaborate with humans, rather than simply replacing them altogether. Majority of jobs will still require human intervention to some degree.

The risk of job automation is highest in predictable, manual, and repetitive work environments and in industries with lower regulations.

The risk of automation is lower in unstructured, dynamic, and unpredictable work environments and in industries involving high regulatory scrutiny.

U.S. investment bank Goldman Sachs, for example, employed over 600 stock traders at its peak. Thanks to machine-learning algorithms capable of making complex trades, these 600 traders have been reduced to just two. Instead, about one-third of its workforce is now employed as computer engineers.

Amazon, for example, is using 45,000 robots in their warehouses. But at the same time, it is creating thousands of new jobs for humans in its fulfillment centers.

We know that robots are not good at gripping, picking, and handling items in unstructured environments.

Risk of job automation is highest in predictable work environments and in industries with lower regulations. This includes jobs or tasks that are manual and repetitive.

This has happened to manufacturing. It is now impacting over 10.5 million jobs in restaurants, janitorial roles, and warehouses.

In hospitality, the ease of automation is high for repetitive and manual tasks like making coffee or preparing specific dishes. This is particularly true in environments with highly structured processes and menus.

Many startups are working on digital payment and tabletop-ordering software to replace the tasks of cashiers and servers.

Expertise automation and augmentation software (EaaS) is fast replacing entry-level white collar jobs in areas like law (e.g., automatic document analysis and auditing), media (e.g., AI-based news curation and summaries), and even software development.

The good news is that the risk of automation is lower in unstructured or unpredictable work environments. This includes industries involving high regulatory scrutiny.

In healthcare, dynamic decision making in unpredictable work environments makes these patient-facing jobs hard to automate, especially when there is a high degree of emotional intelligence required.

Although trucking is at high risk of automation, this is unlikely to happen widely in the next decade due to regulatory challenges. While technology has the potential to reduce manual labor, it faces regulatory challenges as it still requires a human driver for non-highway driving.

The construction industry, for example, is unstructured and dynamic. It requires human supervision.

Retraining and reskilling employees will be a recurring theme in the future of work. Future-proofing jobs will require constant re-skilling, re-learning, and acquiring of or updated skills and experience so that we can be always future-ready and job-ready and being safe from automation.

Source by Patrick Ow

Why Artificial Intelligence? Can 3rd World Countries Learn?

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Artificial intelligence has created a powerful impact on the world. Now machine learning has reached its advanced level now we do not need to teach machines about the complex tasks such as text translation or image recognition. This advancement in both practice, as well as theory, has made machine learning possible. A wide range of industries have transformed and are succeeded in making intelligence business applications to self-driving cars. There are some things which make us astonished reflected by artificial intelligence.

Let's take a look what Artificial Intelligence is?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) also called Machine Intelligence is, as the name suggests: intelligence that is shown by machines in contrast with our known, normal intelligence shown by people and different creatures. From its root going back to the mid-year of 1956 in Dartmouth College, the word "Artificial Intelligence" was introduced by a group of mathematicians and researchers that was gotten from a meeting to generate new ideas in which ways machines and robots could potentially resolve and simulate few challenges in society. From that point, the interest with robots assuming control over the world (regardless of whether for good or aversion) has been delineated in popular culture and films, particularly in the old motion pictures in the 1970s. Artificial Intelligence has an extensive variety of advances, for example, rule-based and logical systems that empower robots and computers to tackle issues. That artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming faster than ever before is nothing unexpected. Since 2010, it has developed at an exacerbated annual development rate of right around 60%. Our Future Proof blog has just talked about a considerable lot of the consequences of this development. However, while we can go ahead about what artificial intelligence will intend to our future, who accurately will make this artificial intelligence? Or then again, even better, what are the countries driving the AI ​​transformation? With regards to AI, not all countries are the same. Here are the best five driving nations given the number of research papers published each year. 1 – China, 2 – the United States of America, 3 – Japan, 4 – the United Kingdom and 5 – Germany.

Significance of Artificial Intelligence

The Accenture Institute for High Performance has published research uncontaining that, by 2035, human-made artificial intelligence (AI) could rapidly enhance annual economic development rates in developed economies.

The investigation thought about economic output in every output in 2035 under a benchmark situation given current assumptions against one indicative expected development once the effect of AI has been absorbed into the economy. In the UK, AI could include an extra USD 814 billion to the economy, expanding the annual development rate of GVA from 2.5 percent to 3.9 percent. In the US, the annual development rate went up from 2.6 percent to 4.6 percent – an extra USD 8.3 trillion in net value included (GVA) with extensive AI appropriation included.

On the other hand, it is developing economies where AI is probably going to have the awful effect. We have just entered a period in which fundamental innovation-driven change is tending to various challenges in developing financial aspects. AI innovation, specifically, has great degree robust formative ramifications. There are multiple difficulties towards usage of such technology. The foundation, for one, is not equipped for incorporating all AI advances, so it is not an instance of designing something new and afterward dropping it into a developing economy. However, while the primary need must be to construct infrastructure – power and agribusiness frameworks – next-generation telecoms so that AI can be utilized, there are now various ways that it can be applied.

Three significant areas can benefit from Artificial Intelligence

1. Farming

There are two concerns for the majority of individuals in developing countries: access to food and water. Give food, to natives smallholder farms, must have the capacity to create enough. On the other hand, right now, examine framework, and rural expansion frameworks equipped for supporting smallholder farms are unfortunately inadequate. AI is fit for expanding the yield of farmland under cultivation in developing countries, with machine learning calculations used as a part of drone technology to both plants and fertilize seeds at speed further than human capacities. Another utilization of AI for food management in developing economies is distinguishing proof of infection in crops so they can be all the more effortlessly treated. A group of analysts at Penn State and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) have encouraged a system of PCs with more than 53,000 photographs of both healthy and unhealthy plants trying to perceive particular plant diseases. The framework has retained the capacity to recognize the two products and infections – from photographs – with a precision rate of up to 99.35%. Such innovation will give the finish to field-based crop-disease recognizable proof utilizing phones.

2. Resource Provision

For NGOs and foundations, figuring out where assets are required is indicative to aid those most in require. If accessible assets are not appropriately used, the shortage makes a greater imprint. This is another zone where AI can help significantly. It can be utilized to figure out how to break down various factors in the meanime in a way that people can not which can appear, say, where a deficiency could happen, what number of individuals it is probably going to affect, and what is required to settle the issue. For instance, 'Harvesting' is a startup utilizing machine figuring out how to break down satellite information of the Earth's surface. They are endeavoring to pinpoint regions needing an interest in the water and apparatuses required for cultivating to enable organizations to distribute money more effectively. CEO of machine learning startup Harvesting, Ruchit Garg, noted of AI that, 'We expect that in utilizing this innovation we would have the capacity to segregate such villages and farmers and have banks or governments move dollars to the right individuals.'

3. Healthcare

The Ebola infection waked destruction on African people group, as various flare-ups have through the years. On account of Ebola, Barbara Han, a disease ecologist at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, stated, 'Utilizing machine learning strategies created for artificial intelligence, we could unite information from environment, biogeography, and general wellbeing to distinguish bat species with a high likelihood of harboring Ebola and different filoviruses. Understanding which species possess these infections, and where they are found, is basic to anticipating future spilovers. The preferred fundamental point of Machine Learning is its capacity to manage complexities. With various factors communicating at one time, discoveries can be difficult to interpret. Machine Learning evades this. On this issue, Han says: 'The calculation could not care less how the factors are communicating; its sole objective is to amplify prescient execution. At that point, human scientists can step up. '

Machine learning innovation is the best method for understanding the spread of sickness, as well as giving elevation. We are looking at future where machine learning could plausibly distinguish an infection, build up a cure, find where the outbreak is probably going to strike straightaway, and after that transport the treatment there in self-ruling vehicles, all with negligible human collaboration. There are numerous bridges to cross before this turns into a reality. Nonetheless, while AI in developed countries will have a remarkable effect, it could be essential for their exceptional survival, and it is crucial that everything is done to guarantee the framework is set up to exploit each advancement in the innovation.

Can 3rd world countries Learn?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be a "distinct advantage" in enhancing the lives of the world's poor, as indicated by the New York-based innovation business visionary Jack Hidary. He says the innovation expected to upset wasteful, inadequate food and social insurance frameworks in developing countries is well within grasp. AI will have a distinct advantage and advantage billions. Today two billion individuals in the world go hungry, so correcting the imbalanced dispersion of nourishment and managing the overall farming framework is a decent begin. Advances, for example, GPS have expanded the yield in created nations, however, have not been broadly utilized as a part of creating nations. Currently we can level that playing field with smartphones and access to the cloud.

"The capacity to expand the yield of farmland under cultivation in developing countries is a mission-basic test. I see that as inside realize utilizing these advances. We already have independent automatons for horticulture, for both shooting seeds into the ground, and fertilizing. " Numerous deaths in third-world countries are preventable. He anticipated that a gadget that appends to a cell phone and could take tests of blood, spit and pee would wind up accessible. It would tell the patient if they had illnesses as genuine as Zika, Ebola or Cholera.

There would be no compelling reason to send tests to a lab in the capital, which could take weeks. Rather, there would be a quick examination and medicine issued. Regularly the arrangement would be only a couple of pills or an infusion, getting to the individual to mind or detaching them. AI would speed that procedure and save numerous lives. Mr. Hidary included: "Applying AI to the therapeutic services is basic for the people of low-salary groups.

The disgrace of the third and second world countries lies in the way that the administration experts in these nations are not aware of doing things more astute, which maybe we as a whole concur. But another factor to a great extent adding to the circumstance is the pool of a legal philosophy to run an assortment of government offices or services. Poor funds or equipment, whatever the situation, has affected the third world issues to duplicate in years that could have overwhelmed with a legitimate method to adapt them. The expression " Developing Countries " has been utilized by numerous over the world to distinguish the nations that are still under the way towards making a mark economically. Systematically nation's economy changes the classification of a country on the world guide.

Government authorities are not paying regard to a significant number of the issues looked by individuals in these countries. Rights are not secured; the ones underneath the neediness line are going further down under while the exclusive class is flourishing socially and monetarily. Out of a considerable amount of the social shades of malice in these social orders, the one that has sneaked in the most and harmed its very structure is debasement. Equity is sold in a large number of these countries, and no one deals with poor people and confidential strata of the general public while the capable estimate submitting debasements of various structures and liberating from all contribution. It is an inconsistency that this threat has obliterated each part in these countries. A risk to the general public, debasement has, all things considered, made each administration association tumble from its elegance, and no one fees wrong about it.

Indeed, even in services and bureaus of state, 'absence of consideration' and 'NO will to change' is the reason for such a pitiful situation. Wellbeing, fund, training, railroad, common assets, every one of the divisions is being utilized for their additions. None of the assets and charges paid by the nationalities is put to a decent use in the separate segments. No appropriate framework is made accessible to the specialists with the goal that they can take a shot at sicknesses and their medicines. Individuals can not get a legitimate treatment for the minor illnesses in numerous such nations. In the instruction division, quality is crumbling with each passing year. Nothing, in reality, has been done to take care of the various setups like railroads, streets and all the transportation and developments are in an unremarkable condition if contrasted those and the created or even semi-developed countries.

The truth of the matter is, no demonstrated working approach yet a profitable innovation environment are available in such countries by any of its exceeding bodies to guarantee a monetarily flourishing and an innovatively noteworthy society. With numerous nations now a day are endeavoring to ensure that their residents are getting each office in their country to some degree like the developed countries, are absolutely dismissing this fact that its Right Technology alongside Right Methodology without a doubt can bring the progressions and can help accomplishing such heights.

Source by Khuram Shahzad

Learning SEO Writing: One of the Most Common Mistakes Newbies Make

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I've been writing SEO content for clients as a freelancer since 2007. Following is one of the most common mistakes newbies in my SEO writing course make.

Writing on the Wrong Keyword

What do I mean by this?

Well let's say your client is a wedding photographer in Atlanta. So, one of the keyword phrases that may commission you to write on as a freelance SEO writer is " Wedding Photographers in Atlanta ." But when you write the article / blog post, you use "Wedding Photographer in Atlanta" (singular version) as your main keyword phrase.

So what's the problem? In a phrase, "time and money."

Clients go through a lot of trouble doing exacting keyword research because they know which keyword phrases are driving the most traffic. So if they've hired, for example, a web analytics firm, they've likely sent thousands of dollars to know which keywords they need to rank for to bring in the most convertible traffic – ie, web surfers they can turn into paying customers .

And by the way, the web analytics firm will likely be the entity hiring you, the freelance SEO writer, to produce the content. These firms can give you a lot of work, but if you write an article using the wrong keyword, it can get you fired before you ever get in the door good .

So, be sure to note when you receive an order what the main keyword phrase is and center your copy around that.

How Google Has Changed the SEO Writing Game

Google algorithm changes like Penguin 2.0 and Hummingbird have made writing straight "keyworded" content with a specific keyword density a thing of the past.

For example, when I first started out in 2007, I used to get orders from clients with lists of keywords and they'd say something like, "Give me 500 words on 'Titanium Wedding Bands for Men' with a 5% keyword density.

Nowadays when I receive SEO writing jobs from clients, they'll say something like:

Our blog is all about Titanium jewelry for men. We want a series of articles that focus on our wedding bands for men. The keyword phrase we're targeting is 'Titanium Wedding Bands for Men.'

It's understood that the keyword density should be between 1 and 2 percent, and that secondary and tertiary keyword phrases will be used to round out the article. Enter the age of themed SEO content .


Writing SEO content is easy; it really is – IF you know some simple foundational rules. With your specialized knowledge, you can earn a great living as a freelancer in this technical writing niche because thanks to "content marketing," the need for qualified professionals is growing by leaps and bounds.

Source by Yuwanda Black

Children Learn the Best by Observing the Behaviour of Adults and Copying It

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Learning is a process of gaining new experiences or transforming the existing information. Learning is easy to carry if it is obtained from the parents because that is the repeated observational learning. Children appreciate their parents without judging them because they are the role models. Children have an ability to learn more by observing others doing any kind of work. Children have brain like a plain paper. They learn good or bad from what they watch around them. First, they watch their family members, how they communicate with each other, their lifestyle, and way of living. They get same impression because they spend most of their time with them. They copy the information which is the most characteristic of humans and is called imitation. Psychologically the children are into the phase of sensitive learning, they rapidly copy the behaviour of their parents which is imprinted on their minds. Sometimes the learning is the result of an event which is recorded in their memory and by observation and repetition becomes a part of their habits. Secondly, they adopt many habits from the society. If they communicate with well-educated or well-mannered people then they can learn good moral values and if their neighbourhood and society members have some bad qualities it influences them negatively.

Similarly, children have parents who teach them and prepare them for life. Parents have the first and strongest influence on their children. Children observe their way of doing the things. People who are chain smokers or alcoholics must know that children watch their activity and they are leaving bad impression on the children’s mind. Sometimes these activities have a deep impact on young children’s brain and heart. They learn their first lessons from these situations because it’s the parents that guide them about these situations.

The peer group plays a major role in shaping an individual. As it is often said “A man is known by the company he keeps”. Bad company has a negative influence over a child. This is because the teenagers listen more to their friends than their parents and teachers. The peer group can turn denial into acceptance and gives the children sense of fulfillment in life. Children enjoy playing with friends more than anything in life; there are times when they want to stay with their friends more than their parents. Learning from friends is kind of magnetic and it has creative force in it. They open heart out with their friends and see a gleam of pleasure in their eyes. They believe in them and in a way they are their spiritual guides. Friends and peer group are a kind of sheltering tree for children so whatever they say turns a meal into a feast and a house into a home. We all have at times bent over backwards to please a friend be it a colleague at workplace, a friend at college or even a playground buddy at school. Sometimes in pursuit of pleasing friends and to come in each other’s good books they start to covet one another. There are many instances where a good child was spoiled due to bad social circle.

In addition to this, we should try to understand their activities regarding their behaviour. Parents should watch them, where they go. What they do, whom they meet and what do they feel. We should apply on them friendly behaviour, however they share their feelings frequently with us and they won’t try to adapt bad habits. There should be a lesson about moral values in their school curriculum. Teachers should teach them about good ethical and unethical. Parents and teachers activities play an important role to develop their personality. They should be more attentive about their activities. However they can’t adapt wrong ways in their life because children are the future of our nation.

In conclusion, we can say that it is true that children learn best by observing the behaviour of adults and they try to copy it. It is the adults who should watch their behaviour and try becoming a good influence and example for the children.

Source by Parvinder Kaur Kalra

Learning How to Sew – Simple Guide to Start Learning

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Sewing can be a very good hobby and in fact, it can also be a very good practical skill to learn. Of course, if you know how to sew, you can style and make your own dresses and of course, you can make a business out of it as well.

Learning how to sew can actually help you get into businesses such as going into the fashion industry or you can also do business making wedding gowns and go into the wedding gown business. You can also make curtains, which are usually made to order. You can also get into the business of making doll dresses, of making baby dresses and blankets. You can even make business sewing dog dresses. Indeed, you can have a pretty good opportunity to make business out of your sewing skills.

If you are one of the many who are interested in learning how to sew, here are a few of the things that you might want to learn and things that you might want to keep in mind.

Finding for the right sewing machine. Yes, learning how to sew starts from getting the right machine for you. You can probably learn how to sew in any sewing machine but there are just those that can help you start with sewing easily. So, if you want to learn how to sew and invest on this hobby to make money, you can also invest on a good sewing machine you can use.

Of course, you can go on learning how to sew even without the machine. Sewing by hand can be a good way to start as well and can sometimes be satisfying and fulfilling but if you are thinking about making money with these skills, a good sewing machine can really help you make more projects and finishing more projects fast as well. Whether you opt for the hand sewing or using the sewing machine, you have to familiarize with the different materials that you will be using. You may want to get familiar with different sizes of needles, different qualities of threads and of course, different textures and feel of cloth.

Although you can start with altering your vintage dresses that have been sitting for long on your closet, you would certainly want to move further with your sewing skills and learn which cloth is good for certain styles of dresses. This is important to be able to have a good fit for your projects, and a good cloth that fits the style or use of the dress or project that you can indeed make you good in sewing.

Although thinking about sewing your own dress is too big to start with, not to mention that you have to also learn about making patterns and measurements, you can however start with small things like mending your old shirts or sewing those buttons back on your favorite shirt .

Indeed, you have to master how to sew simple things before trying to create complex ones. Once you got your sewing machine, you can then go ahead practice sewing with paper. You can also grab a good sewing guide that will help you go through the basic steps as well as some important tips that you may want to keep in mind as well.

Source by Carolyn Anderson

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Python is a high-level, structured, open-source programming language that can be used for a wide variety of programming tasks.

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Effects of Technology on Education

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Education has changed significantly in the last twenty years. One of the main reasons education has undergone so many changes is because of technological development. In 1990, computers and other forms of technology served a minimal role in the classroom. Today, many if not most college students attend class with a laptop. I am writing about some of the biggest advantages technology gave to education.

Technology has made research much easier. Before online Encyclopedias, Google Scholar, JSTOR, and other online research tools were available, students were forced to spend numerous hours in the library. With the new tools, students can conduct research faster in the comfort of their homes. With Google and other search engines, students can find relevant information faster and more efficiently. Also, there is no more need for intensive memorization as information is more readily available.

New also technology allows for a faster, more efficient, and more interactive classroom experience. With Powerpoint presentations and projectors, there is no need for blackboards and whiteboards. With clickers, students can take quizzes during the classroom.

These developments also help improve tutoring services. Online tutoring programs are becoming available. One-on-one in-home tutoring programs are also being aided these developments. Tutors can bring laptops to sessions allowing them to look up information, and show examples to the student more easily.

Wi-fi technology allows students to study in more comfort and a more ergonomic setting.

New mathematical software such as Maple and Mathematica allows students to make a computer algebra computations more easily. Software like Matlab and Scilab allows students to make numerical computations more easily. There is no more need for a line rule. Advanced Texas Instrument and Casio calculators allow students to solve equations and produce graphs. Online software such as Webassign allows students to submit mathematics assignments online with instant feedback.

The internet allows students to read books and educational supplements at home. There is no need to go to a bookstore or library. Since many of these sources are open source or funded by advertising, students can access these materials for free. Wikipedia, Wikibooks are good examples. Students can learn more without leaving their house.

College applications and job applications can now be complete online. Students can deliver important paperwork to universities and employers at a much faster rate.

Online education allows more students to get an education. Handicapped students, students that have to travel a lot, and students with jobs can now complete their degrees wherever they go with a flexible schedule and often at their own pace. Due to its lower costs, online education also benefits lower-income students.

Technological development allowed the creation of new IT jobs and improved economic development in general.

Not all effects of technology on education are positive. Technology also allows students to cheat more easily. However, new technology allows instructors to detect plagiarism. Technological developments can also discourage critical thinking since answers are more readily available. Technology also encourages students to spend their time doing other activities such as playing video games and participating in social networking.

Overall, technological development in the 1990s and 2000s appears to be beneficial to education. Currently, technology improvement follows Moore’s law which states that computers become twice as efficient approximately every two years. Today, one can purchase a well performing personal computer (without a monitor, software, and other accessories) for as low as $123.99. Recently, I have not spent over $250 on a desktop computer and it allowed me to do very advanced computations like high-sample Monte Carlo algorithms. If the trend continues, students all over the world will be able to afford desktops and laptops contributing to a better global education.

Source by Anton Lebedev

Testimonial Samples for Student and Employee

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Having a testimonial can increase the chances of getting the job. As there is strong competition among applicants, almost every job candidate requires testimonials for the job. Having the relevant experience under your belt you are required to show that you have proved your abilities in some organization. You can ask your previous employee to provide the testimonial of your services. If you are a student then a Principal/Dean can provide you the testimonial. Here are the both example testimonials that can help you stand out of the crowd.

A sample testimonial letter. (As an Employee)

An Experience Certificate

To whom it may concern

This is to certify that (NAME) has been in our service as an (JOB TITLE) from START DATE (YEAR) to END DATE (YEAR). During this period of service he/she worked diligently and honestly. His/her amiability of temperament, sincerity of purpose and honest absorption in the assigned job were some of the commendable traits of his personality that endeared him amongst us.

Through his/her work and conduct he satisfied us. He/she has a sound moral character. He/she has left our firm not due to any compulsion on our part, but on account of his own free will.


(Stamp & Signature)

Second Sample Testimonial Letter. (As a Student)

A Testimonial From An Educational Institution

This is to certify that (NAME) s/o (NAME) was a renowned player and student of our institution from START DATE (YEAR) to END DATE (YEAR) then he graduated from our college winning one of the top positions in Commerce. He/She got first class in B. Com.

About his contribution towards sports, we hereby state that he won many a commendatory certificate in various sports events. He excelled in Badminton and Hockey. He is quite hard-working and intelligent youth. We may emphatically say that he will prove out to be an asset to any enterprise where a position of trust and responsibility is offered to him.

I wish him all success in his life.


(College Stamp & Signature)

A Testimonial From the Major Contractor to Sub-Contractor Employee



Company Name


Dear (Name),

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of working with you and your company on a project of (Name of Project) for our company. I am writing this letter to you to express my great satisfaction with the quality of the work completed and quality of the people from your company involved this project. You were extremely helpful from our first telephonic conversation through completion. Everything worked immediately and I am pleased with how things turned out. Please convey our appreciation to all of your team members. Feel free to use us as reference.

We wish you the best,




Source by Shahzada Jehangir

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Main Advantages and Disadvantages of Coffee-Pod Machines

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Capsule machines provide a great alternative to automatic espresso machines. They bring together all of the advantages of a fully automated system for a fast coffee making process.


  • Capsule machines simplify the whole process of making coffee, cutting out the grinding, the pressing and the storage of the coffee.
  • These small hermetically sealed containers, coffee capsules, guarantee the coffee’s freshness for up to 6 months.
  • The coffee in the capsule is ground to perfection and sealed at optimum pressure.
  • To make a fresh coffee, all you have to do is pop the capsule into the machine, press a button and wait for the machine to do all the work.
  • Being a simpler version of traditional coffee machines, these are generally much smaller. This means that you don’t have to worry about whether it will fit in your kitchen, as they make the most of the reduced space available in today’s homes.
  • You also avoid having to deal with the messy waste from the ground coffee, as it is all contained in the coffee-pod. All you have to do is get rid of the empty pods.


  • Although single-serve machines are smaller than traditional espresso machines, this isn’t reflected in the price as they generally cost the same.
  • Single- serve machines can only be used with the capsules on offer from that same manufacturer, that is to say, you can’t use coffee-pods made for one machine in a different one. For example, Nespresso capsules can only be used with Nespresso machines.
  • So you should make sure beforehand that you like the kind of coffee on offer from your machine’s manufacturer.
  • Buying the capsules generally works out quite expensive

Coffee-pod machines are best suited to…

  • … small offices with limited space and limited time to buy and make coffee.
  • … homes of 1-3 persons.
  • … anyone who can afford to buy the coffee-pods and who would benefit from these machines’ unique features.

Source by Juan Navarro

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