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Ecourse Training – What's the Best Method For Delivering Your Ecourse?

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After your Ecourse is created, you need to present it to the world. (for purposes of this writing, we're talking about text ecourses). There are two theories associated with this:

Theory 1 = Send each Module of your ecourse with all the text included within each email / module.

Theory 2 = Send each Module of your ecourse with a link in the email / module sending the reader to another page to get the info.

Just so there is no confusion, either one of these ways of delivering your ecourse is fine.

Theory 1 makes it easier for the reader as the course is right there, no extra clicks to get to another page. Some people get a bit "snippy" if they have to do an extra click to get the information. One drawback of doing it this way is that nowdays, spam filters are getting more and more strict and therefore, maybe not all emails get through. If you have some sort of spam filter test with your autoresponder, I would encourage you to use it.

Now with Theory 2, since there is only a link in the email for the reader to click, the chances of their email program rejecting the Module is greatly reduced (if not eliminated entirely), which is a great thing! The issue then comes up that if the reader is behind some sort of firewall or something, they may not be able to open the link. That's way I encourage you to include a quick note to your readers that if they can not open the link, to send you an email right away and you'll get the info to them another way.

As I mentioned, either way to send your ecourse if fine, the thing to remember is to do one of them! Heck, maybe even experiment with them. For one month, have it set up to put the text in the email. The next month, include a link. Check your results and decide which one you like better!

Doing this ecourse thing is pretty simple once you get the basics down.

Source by Drew Poletto

Blended Learning – The Best of Both Worlds

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When I meet with clients to discuss training choices, they usually assume that they have only two options: eLearning or classroom delivery. This misconception is a common one simply because most businesses have only been presented with these two options in the past. But I am quick to tell them that there is a third option: blended learning. Blended learning is not an identical new concept but is one that has not been fully discussed or implemented until recently. Blended learning is the combination of eLearning and classroom delivery. Many times blended learning is as simple as an eLearning course that takes place of a classroom delivery; but in other cases, it is much more involved and effective.

A fully effective blended learning experience is more than an online course or simulation taking the place of classroom presentation. Many times, the eLearning is a prerequisite to classroom training. There may be some aspects of classroom training that lend them more to an online course. For example, the history of a company may take a few hours in the classroom and only thirty or forty minutes in an online course. Not only does the online course take less time to take, but it can even be more effective. Videos and employee testimonies can be easily incorporated into an eLearning course. These videos can do wonders for new employees and will often put them in a positive state of mind before stepping one foot into a classroom. In addition to being a positive experience for new employees, a blended learning approach also frees up classroom time; this time can be used to focus on more important learning criteria.

Another instance where prerequisite online courses can be effective comes in the form of system simulations. There is always uneasiness associated with learning a new type of software. When a new employee comes into a classroom and is introduced to new software for the first time, panic can set in and learning is stifled. This can be avoided with the use of software simulations that the learner takes before entering the classroom. This allows the new employee to familiarize them with the new software and explore it in a restricted and guided environment.

The simulation may be as simple as a guided tour or as in depth as a "Demo and Try It" opportunity in which the learner actually performs simple steps using the software. No matter how the simulations are used, they can be effective learning tools and time savers. The facilitators have the comfort of knowing that new employees have already been exposed to the software and, in turn, can focus on more detailed portions of the software.

Another advantage of blended learning is the ability to track the learner's progress before they reach the classroom; this can be an invaluable tool when finalizing curriculum. If learners take an assessment after completing a prerequisite module and all seem to have trouble with a particular question or section, the facilitators can adjust their presentation to address the problem areas, thus enhancing the effectiveness of the training.

In conclusion, there are always several different ways to approach training. Sometimes eLearning alone can work and sometimes classroom training can be the most effective way to reach a learner. But blended learning is also a viable option that should be continuously explored and implemented. We owe it to our employees and to our organizations.

Source by John Araiza

Online English Courses – Your Best Investment

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We always talk about "investment" as something with a monetary value attached. For most cases, investments make people who invest – the investors – earn a sum of cash, and over time. The intrinsic qualities of any investment is that something has to be given money which in return will give back money as well.

This is the case with education with a purpose. For instance, learning and improving your English skills online is a very good investment.

English is the most spoken language in the world. More than a billion native and non-native speakers use it. Moreover, English has become the universal language of the Internet as international companies prefer this language when dealing with clients all over the globe. In fact, learning English has become so important that even governments of non-native English speaking countries prioritize this in their educational curriculum! Whether you are a student or already a professional, improving your English skills through online English courses is a worthwhile investment.

Here are some advantages of learning and improving your English speaking and writing skills:

  • You will be able to send your message clearly and effectively. Because communicating effectively is intrinsic in a good office and company-client relationship, taking up English lessons online will help avoid misunderstandings and mix-ups with your office-mates and clients.
  • You will be able to save time. Like any skill that you improve at, you become more efficient and faster at your work.
  • You have the intellectual edge. Because English is the most widely used language even on the Internet, you can understand and make use of the information you can find there. You are kept up-to-date with global news and you can also reach the millions of English-speakers online.
  • You have the edge in work and getting employed. With good English skills, employers will be more inclined to hire you over those who are not knowledgeable of this language. Moreover, you can have a higher premium depending on your level of skill. You will also be open to more job opportunities which require this skill.

The internet has now become not only a place for communication and social networking, but also a main hub for advertising, employment, and earning money. With English being the Internet's primary language, taking English lessons will give you an edge both in the personal and professional aspects of your life. Sense, learning English online is the best investment you can make !

Source by Jayson Pino Guevarra

Best Computer Distance Learning Programs

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As we live in a techno-driven world, knowing more about technology and computers can make you stand ahead of others. The present day is all about computers. In fact computers have made this world into an e-world where everything is just a click away. In just about every business computers are playing a major role.

Today, if you are not confident in using computer or specific computer programs you might find that it is tough to get a job in a field that you have been in, even if you have been caring experience of many years. These days employers are expecting employees to be able to use computers and have proper knowledge of various online tools, so if you haven’t learned yet, this is the time to give a serious thought for applying different computer courses.

At present, there are numerous online computer courses and distance learning programs that are being offered from leading universities. The best thing about these courses or distance learning degrees is that they are affordable and comparatively easy to learn. In addition to this, another awesome part of these online computer degrees is that they allow you to learn in the privacy of your own home.

You don’t have to be anxious about being the oldest or youngest in a class or appearing uneducated in front of other people. By applying for online computer courses, you can study in an environment where you are comfortable and can really absorb the information properly. Apart from this, these courses cover a broad spectrum of subjects ranging from simple applications to complex programming languages. Some of the best computer distance learning programs that is gaining its popularity in current scenario is:

Animation Distance Learning Programs – This distance learning course is ideal for those students who are interested in a career that involves bringing characters, settings and drawings to life via the internet, computer generated programs, or traditional animation art techniques. This online degree in animation also includes courses in many different areas, not just specifically animation. Students can anticipate taking classes on two and three dimensional drawing and animation, storyboarding, background design and programs on working with various operating systems and software programs. With a degree in animation you can also be hired as an entry level animator, video production artists, forensic artists or computer generated special effects artists.

Computer Network Engineering – This degree provides you ideal opportunity to make a career where you want to get involved in the design and maintenance of both the hardware and software necessary for a computer network. During this online program, you will learn essential skills and knowledge in a vast assortment of computer applications, software applications and troubleshooting methods. The best part of this course is – it is the combination of technical and general education courses that can help you develop skills in critical thinking, logic, communication, and problem-solving. The degree also helps you prepare for entry-level jobs in the industry including network administrator and computer support specialist.

Online Computer Software Engineering – Addressing the rapid rise in demand for software engineering professionals, this online computer software engineering course provides you with an understanding of the latest technologies that are being developed, and encompasses managerial and technical aspects of software engineering. The major highlight of this online program is it also offers interactive e-Learning method and incorporates best-practices in computer science, project management, engineering, interface design and other disciplines. A software engineering degree can be a precious plus point in your career and there is no easier way to obtain one than through an online program.

Cyber Security Distance Learning Programs – This course provide you with an in-depth study in IT Infrastructure Security. In this distance learning program you will be exposed to most important facets of computer security, including cyber-law, cyber-terrorism, viral activity, compliance issues along with hardening the operating system. Today many businesses and nations have shifted the control of essential processes in manufacturing, banking, and communications to networked computers. With an online degree in Cyber Security, you will acquire the knowledge to be on the front lines and guard these vital infrastructures from cyber crime attacks.

These are some online computer degrees that can help you find the right career-path. Attaining a degree in any of these courses can enable you to work with computers and the internet in ways that most people can’t. Looking at the present scenario, the bottom line is that having an online computer degree is one way of the best ways to get a job that you might have once thought was impossible. You may place yourself in one the peak paid employees in the company.

Source by Amit Kothial

Why Should You Take Information Technology Training Courses?

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Are you interested in taking information technology training courses? If so, there are many good reasons you should be signing up for a course right now. The best reason to enter into a training course is that you can never stop learning. Employers love it when you have some sort of advanced degree or certification.

You Can Never Stop Learning

Don’t avoid a training course just because you have a lot of experience already. Things change dramatically in many fields over the course of a few years. This is certainly true if you are in the IT field. Computers are advancing at a rapid rate. Networks, computer systems and ant-virus programs are quickly evolving as well. It’s never too late to take a refresher course or two.

Employers May Mandate Ongoing Training

A college degree only means that you know enough to get started in the field. Many employers will send you to conferences and other courses to keep you current. In fact, many employers will mandate that you have a certain number of continuing education credits or hours to keep your job. If you have a certain type of certification in the field, you may need to take a course to keep that current as well. Taking a course that is paid for by your employer means that you don’t have any financial reason to not take the course.

Get Your Foot In The Door

The IT field may be something that you have been interested in for awhile now. Perhaps you have some natural talent when it comes to computers. You may even work for a company that has an IT department that you would like to start working in. However, you will never get an opportunity to make that transfer unless you have some sort of training under your belt. If you are lucky, your employer will have their own training course that you can attend. That will allow you to avoid going to school while also improving your chances of moving up in your career.

It Can Be Fun To Learn New Things

Learning new things just for the sake of increased knowledge is always worth it. You never know when you will identify a security threat on your computer just because of an IT course that you took. Avoiding that threat could save your company a lot of money. This could result in a raise or a promotion. At the very least, the boss is going to owe you a favor or two for averting a potential disaster.

Taking a training course in IT can help you out in many different ways. For those who are simply looking to learn more, a training course can allow you to pump up your resume. Those who have been in the field for years can update their skills while learning what is new in IT. For anyone who wants to make a career change, having official training under your belt will help you show employers that you have legitimate knowledge in the field.

Source by Ron Arora

Best Practice for FPSO Inspection Repair and Maintenance

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Best practice for FPSO maintenance, repair and inspection is a procedure that should be ongoing. The cycle of inspection, repair and maintenance for FPSO vessels is known as IRM for short. And FPSO, of course, is also an acronym for floating, production, storage and offloading. These are floating vessels used in the oil and gas industry as they are more cost effective than employing pipelines to get the oil or gas ashore.

Pipelines are rigid and stay in place, while an FPSO can release its riser turret and moorings and be towed away, or if the vessel has its own power source, it can move away under by itself. This is a considerable benefit in places where weather condition might threaten the FPSO. In some countries it may be a typhoon or hurricane, or in colder countries it might be icebergs, for example. By being mobile the FPSO can avoid danger and thereby save the company money in the long term.

One of the greatest dangers to an FPSO in the North Sea, and in other places where storms are common, is green water. This is where heavy, driven quantities of sea swell hit the FPSO with force. In the North Sea, four out of five FPSO’s are affected adversely by green water, especially in winter. Damage occurs to almost anything that is exposed to the seas, and it now appears that testing with models was not effective enough to predict the actual consequences. This means that most FPSO’s are not built to an adequate standard to fully withstand the immense forces that the North Sea can deliver.

This of course has a direct effect on FPSO maintenance. While the fitting of side panels to strengthen the structure, and the fitting of raised bow walls to limit the ingress of green water have had a positive effect on lessening the damage, FPSO maintenance still means regular repairs due to a lot of green water damage on an ongoing basis. Green water damage is mainly responsible for damage above the waterline.

Damage below the waterline can also happen. This can be as a result of vessel collision. The collision may not be severe, and only be little more than a bum in bad weather, but if the FPSO is carry a lot of oil or gas, what seems as a small bump can create serious problems. Divers are used to inspect the vessels below the waterline. Their reports will determine the maintenance and repair routines subsequently required.

In the North Sea around three out of every five FPSO’s have been aware of internal cracks between tanks. Inspection and maintenance routines usually discover the cracks through evidence of small leaks, usually not too big to be a serious problem in themselves, but indicative of something else that is more serious. FPSO maintenance and repair routines in these cases can be expensive as the tanks have to be taken out of service, cleaned and then have strengthening stiffeners welded in place.

FPSO maintenance is a never ending task. In the North Sea corrosion is rife and all installations require regular inspection and maintenance routines with repairs where necessary.

Source by Caron J Rose

How to Select the Best LMS – LCMS For Your Organization

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Many years ago, I worked with a guy who was in great physical shape and was obviously a fitness buff. Since I also wanted to get back into shape, I asked him which piece of gym equipment he felt the very best for quickly making the fastest gains. He leaned in and whispered (as if it was a trade secret) "Okay … I'll tell you the single, best piece of equipment. Far and away, the single best machine is … the one you're actually going to use . " And then he walked away. A simple answer but one that I never forgot.

Do you know someone who bought the "best" among a field of products or services, but it was not really the best one suited for them? Do you know this person intimately? Was this perhaps you ? You're not alone. When it comes to choosing an e-learning solution, there are over 160 vendors in that vast sea of ​​LMS / LCMS platforms. How are you going to distinguish one from another? You've been surprised how many solutions buyers make their choice by mass mailing requests for RFPs and then comparing features side-by-side with vendors' solutions in order to find the best value for the money. This is a bad way to purchase an e-learning solution for your organization. Here's a better way: Assemble an internal team of collections who will act as the assessment committee for your project. As the key holders, make sure they represent all relevant departments within your organization. Based upon discussions among these evaluators, you can assemble an internal needs assessment that represent the fundamental requirements for training and education within your organization. It is imperative that you fully understand the internal needs and requirements of your company before you even begin your search for the "perfect" e-learning platform. (By the way, there is no such thing as the "perfect" e-learning platform but with proper diligence, you can get close). If you've properly done your homework, you should be able to significantly reduce the field of potential vendors before sending out your first RFP.

Source by Curt Zilbersher

Learning How To Use Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainer

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The Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainer is one of the most well received fitness machines by fitness enthusiasts in the market today. Numerous satisfied customers are giving good reviews about it. This particular model is one of the best selling elliptical trainers on The new Schwinn 430 has a concave wheel which reduces the shifting motion when used. The other feature that most users like about the 430 is the 18 "stride. There is no other comparable elliptical training machine with a comfortable elliptical stride which is both smooth and energy efficient.

This exercise machine comes with 16 levels of resistance. Shifting from one level to another is gradual. The whole package weighs 152 lbs. It has a sturdy and stable construction which has a clear advantage over other comparable machines that weigh less. The clear drawback to this device is that users who are more than 200 lbs in weight are likely to put more stress to the machine than those who weigh less. It is built for home use, convenient and cost effective. It is one of the best value items for its function and durability. The 430 model also has articulating foot pedals. This pedal angles with the elliptical motion and further reduces undesired stress on your body.

As a whole, the Schwinn 430 is a great buy. The excellent value for its function, quality and durability makes it the # 1 selling elliptical trainer equipment on There is no doubt about it. It is a better value for your money than comparable Icon and Horizon products. Fitness buffs, Schwinn owners and satisfied users can attest to this fact.

Busy people still need to exercise to live a healthy life. Nowadays, people live a fast-paced lifestyle which requires efficiency and time management. While most health-conscious people want to go out and jog early in the morning and feel the breeze in their faces, not everyone has the power and the time to do so. In this day and age, where anyone has a lot on their minds, and sometimes they have no time to do everything they need to do. A clear solution must be formulated to resolve this issue.

Most people do not have the time to go to the gym. Why go to the gym when you can have the same equipment the gym uses at your own home? Why pay so much for membership fees when you can instead use the same amount of money to buy your own economically priced gym equipment and use it for life. Unless you go to the gym to socialize and showcase your Mr. Egypt Miss Universe body, then go ahead. If you are there to sweat and get fit, you can do it within the comfort of your own home. Get smart, get fit, do it at home.

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainer Reviews are easy to find on the Web. You will know how much it costs to get fit without dealing too much stress on your body. You will realize that no-impact exercise machines are one of the best gadgets anyone can use. Getting fit and enjoying while doing it does not need to be expensive or full of inconvenience. No need to pay for expensive personal trainer's fees, gym memberships, or pay with wasted time wired through traffic to get to the gym. Being in tip top shape is priceless. No need to pay more when you can get more for your money's worth. Be smart, shop smart and exercise smart.

Source by Jim Lucas

The Best Forex Courses to Learn Currency Trading With Are Called Forex Mentoring Programs

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As with most products that are available to us, some are just better than others and the Forex courses that teach you how to learn currency trading are no different. If you're your principle objective is to become a long term successful and most importantly of all profitable FX investor, then you might want to consider enrolling in a Forex mentoring program.

The instructors in these classes are Forex mentors who are experienced lucrative professional Forex investors. They have acquainted there expertise both in the classroom, much as you are trying to do, and through real life experience of trading and investing in the markets for years if not decades.

The majority of them at one time or another in there career were employed by a large international financial institution, such as a bank or a brokerage firm that specialized in the Forex markets. While working there they received extensive and costly training on the finer points of investing in the markets.

These currency courses provide an extensive database of learning material that you will have access too, such as; EBooks, videos, software that simulates trading, DVD's and CD's. When you graduate from the class you can be expected to have learned everything from the most fundamental concepts regarding the markets to today's most advanced and sophisticated trading techniques and methods.

Some of these techniques will include the following; how to use margins work for you and not against you, hedging of your investments, option trading, futures, forwards and how to select a winning investment time after time. You will have an intensive one on one time with the Pro's teaching the class where you will review any of the material you are not sure of when you covered it the first time by yourself.

In addition, most programs also have one on one trading sessions with you and the instructor. In these sessions you will get the feel for real time trading and investing and the teacher will instruct you on exactly what to look for in an investment as well as all of the other important techniques involved in each trade. Such as the proper percentage to input your Take Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL) at based on your own risk tolerance level.

Some of the programs allow you to actually select the learning modules you want to take and others offer very personalized approaches to investing. These classes will customize you own trading system and optimal investment package based on your budget and tolerance to risk.

My favorite three Forex mentoring programs are called Straight Forex, Fap Winner and The Forex Brotherhood. With each of these Forex courses you can be sure that when you finish the class you will have learned Forex trading at the highest level and will be fully prepared to be a profitable investor. It does not take long to do a little research into these classes and see what you think. You never know, maybe one day in the near future you too can become a currency cash generating machine.

Source by William R. Alheim, Jr.

How to Get the Best Out of Driving Simulator Training

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A thing or a process is always the most satisfying if you get the best out it. And though there are several steps that need to be implemented first, the time and work that will be sent for each are sure worth it. And so, you must know how to get the best out of driving simulation just like with any training, process or thing.

Basically, training with the use of driving simulator is just one of the two methods to learn how to drive. Manual or traditional training is the other approach. Between the two though, driving simulation training is more benefiting to today's modern way of living.

Learning how to drive with the said modern option can offer you several advantages. It can make you learn how to drive not only effectively but securely as well. But of course, those are just two of the many benefits that choosing it can give.

To get the best out of driving simulator training is to experience all of the benefits that it can give. More so, to get the best of it will make your training expenses all worth it. Seeing that training with driving simulator is more expensive, it is financially wise to really make the most of what it can give. And the following are some tips that could be of help.

  • Pick well your driving school – Although the said modern training is generally effective, it will be a big advantage if you will enroll in a particularly good driving school. The quality training that driving simulator can give plus the conductive-for-learning environment that a driving school can provide will greatly impact the effectiveness of the learning process.
  • Get ready for a computer-based learning – This means that you should learn as much as you can about driving simulation from basic information to buttons and parts of the machine that you will be using before signing up to train for it. Determine if you'll really feel comfortable learning with a machine. There may be some instructors around but remember that interaction with them is minimal compared to the traditional approach.
  • Ask questions – There are different types of driving simulators. Even if you've done your assignment of searching and learning as much as you can about it them, what you'll end up using may be different from what you have researched and studied. And so, ask questions to the instructors if there is anything that you do not how to use or if there is anything that you do not understand.

Make the most of your driving simulator training. With it, you can experience all the benefits that training can make making every bit of your expenses all worth it.

Source by Markus Jon Skupeika

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